St Patrick College, Asaba was founded in 1944 by Late Rev. P. J Kelly, Catholic Bishop of Asaba, Benin Vicariate. The founding of St Patrick College in 1944 was a joint venture between the Catholic mission and Asaba Community. It was originally called St Augustine’s College and first managed by Rev Fr. Thomas Duffy, the Parish Priest of the Catholic mission. The name St Augustine was later changed to St. Patrick after the name of Patrick J. Kelly who had become the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Benin where Asaba catholic mission used to belong.


The first principal of the college was Rev.Fr.Anthony McDonagh, enlisted as such while he was still in the University of London. It was Late Afam Igbodo who was teaching at African College, Onitsha that was persuaded to return home and head the college pending the arrival of Rev. Fr. McDonagh to assume the office of principal. Rev. Fr. McDonagh arrived in March, 1945 to meet his school in its second year (classes I and II).



1. To teach and uphold the truth at all times inspite of worldly temptations and difficulties.

2. To inculcate high moral ideals in the society beginning with teaching children early high moral and spiritual ideals.

3. To make good citizens out of pupils. The church saw schools as a means of bringing up citizens imbued with Christian virtues and who can acknowledge God and the fear of Him at all times.

The motto of St Patrick College is VERITAS IN CARITATE which means TRUTH IN LOVE.

There was a succession of the early priests posted to the school as principals. Rev. Fr. A. O’Rouke (1946 – 1957), Rev. Fr. T. W. Anderson (1957 – 1958) and Rev. Fr. J. Bruder (1958 – 1959). The following years had some Rev. Brothers. Rev. Br. Wicinski (1960 – 1964), Rev. Br. J. M. Daries (1965 – 1967), Rev. Br. Wicinski (1968). The succession of missionary reign in the school ended after 24 years during the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war in 1967. With the final exit of the foreign missionaries (Marianists), following the murder of Rev. Brother Roman Wicinoky in 1968.

The war ended in January, 1970 and in September, 1973, the state government compulsorily took over the management of all educational Institutions and directed the remaining of schools to give them a new identity. St Patrick College Asaba was renamed Nnebisi College. For the first time, a man not ordained a priest in the person of Late Mr. E. N. C. Okoh was appointed to take over the enviable office of principal in 1969. He stayed in this office until 1970. The succession of principals in the following years is as follows: Mr. P. O. Agokei (1970 – 1973), Dr. G. U. Onukaogwu (1973 – 1975), Mr. R. O. Asonime (1975 – 1983), Mr. B. U. Okonji (1983 – 1992), Mr. G. N. Mobuogwu (1993), Dr. G. C. Ikenwe (1994), Mr. P. G. N. Okolie (1995 – 1999). From the year 2000, St. Patrick College was divided into school I and School II. Consequency, they were two principals running concurrently. As such, we have Mr. P. C. Okiwelu (Jan. 2000 – 2007), Sir E. A. Nwanze (Dec. 2000 – 2007), Den. C. C. Ngemegwai (Aug. 2007 – 2010), Mr. J. C. Isitua (Aug. 2007 – 2011), Sir E. I. Ugbah Feb. 2010 – 2011), Mr. Patrick Isichei (2012 – 2013).

In 1979, with the help and agitation of the Old Boy’s Association, the college returned to its old name, St Patrick College.

Historically, St. Patrick College Asaba prides herself for maintaining high academic standards. It holds the record of the school with the best WAEC results in 1972, 1974 and 1975.

Many notable personalities from different parts of the country have passed through the gates of St. Patrick College. In this wise we can boast of politicians, academicians and leaders of industries as old students of St. Patrick College, Asaba.

On the 27th of October 2011, the Delta State Government officially handed over 41 (forty one) secondary schools back to the former missionary owners and St. Patrick College was one of them. The college is completely under the care and administration of the Bishop of Issele-uku Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Michael Odogwu Elue. The catholic mission took over the administration of the college in September 2012/2013 session with Rt. Rev. Msgr (Dr.) Stephen Uzomah as Administrator and had her first in take of 40 student into JSS 1.

St Patrick’s College, Asaba is the oldest secondary school in Delta state of Nigeria. Presently she has 27 teaching staff including Priests assigned to the school, 25 non-teaching staff and 287 students in classes JSS 1 to SS 3. In September 2018 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Offor was appointed principal and he took over the administration of the school from Msgr. Stephen Uzomah.


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